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    We give your business the exposure it needs to grow by dominating the rankings on search engines.

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    Our proven marketing strategy will bring more customers to your website and help you grow your business.

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    Online Visibility

    With our help you can increase your online visibility to other important marketing platforms outside of search engines.

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    We consider all our clients to be our partners and we treat your business like we would treat our. So rest assured you're not just a number, but a partner.

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    White hat

    We don't use black hat tactiques or cut corners that can destroy your brand in a long run. We use only the best and proven tacticques to rank you on 1. page.

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    No contracts

    We don't have long-term contracts because we believe you should be free to abandon any marketing strategy you don't see fit at any given moment, for any reason.

Sky’s The Limit!

We’ll take your online presence to new heights
using advanced SEO techniques

If you are reading this it means that most likely you already know what SEO is. But just in case you got to our website by accident let me briefly explain what in fact is Search Engine Optimization in a way so a layman can understand. SEO is optimizing your website in a way that the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) can easily determine what is your website about. Now you might ask why would you pay someone to make your website look better for search engines, and the answer is very simple. You want search engines to like your website, because if they do, they will reward you with the higher ranking for your keywords (and they know what your keywords are if the optimization is done properly), which means more traffic to your website, and that means more money to your business (if you did other things right).

Getting traffic to your website is like having customers coming to your store, and everyone wants more customers. With search engine optimization you get traffic, but what is more important you get targeted traffic. That’s important because traffic by itself doesn’t mean anything unless those visitors are interested in what you have to offer. I would rather take 100 visitors per month that are searching for the best SEO agency in Ireland, than 100 000 visitors that are looking for a plumber, because I don’t run a plumbing business and I can’t profit from them.

The great thing about SEO traffic is that people find you by searching for what you have to offer, they don’t just randomly stumble upon your website, so you don’t really need millions of visitors to your website to make a profit.

If you own a local business where the price of your service/product is on a higher end, sometimes all you need is few extra customers to get your business where you want it to be, and SEO can do way more than that. As a business owner whose business depends on SEO traffic, I can testify that this marketing method is one of the best methods for attracting targeted traffic, and in most cases the best way to get targeted traffic.

We don’t think that SEO is always necessarily the best method to market your product/service because there are a lot of different types of businesses out there, but from our experience (10+ years in internet marketing, and master’s degree in business) it is in most cases.

That’s why we require our potential clients to fill out the discovery form so we can determine if search engine optimization is something they should pursuit at the moment, and if it is, are we the right company for them. This last thing might sound funny to you, but we don’t accept everyone to work with them because we simply don’t have enough time to devote it to every business owner that is interested in working with us and keep the great service we provide.

At this point, it’s better for the business to choose our clients carefully so we can both be happy with the outcome. With the business model we have right now, we consider our clients to be our partners and we work together to get their business to where they want and create that win-win situation. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for Dublin SEO services or Dentist SEO Ireland, we work with clients from any city, state or country. The website can also be in another language, like Svijet Bilja for example.

We are ONLY interested in business opportunities where we can have that WIN-WIN situation, and if we have to choose between that and the money, we’ll choose win-win situation 100 out of 100 times.

If your website is not ranked on 1. page of Google for your business and product/service, you are losing money to your competitors who rank above you and you need an SEO Expert to help you. Maybe we are the perfect fit, so please fill out our discovery form so we can send you the FREE consultation and website analysis (€300 worth) and discuss what we need to do to get you to that first page of Google.

Search engine optimization is a strategy and it needs to be played smart – like a game of chess. So choose EGOV Monitor – SEO Ireland company to work with you on growing your business – like you would want the queen (not the pawns), to protect the king.